Posted by: macahajo | January 22, 2016

…a controlling wife

One of the first times we had the leaders of Hope Social Action over for dinner, Mark was working in the kitchen. So, I welcomed Hugue, Martial, and Gildas, and then they sat down.

Before Mark came out to greet the men, I felt a little self-conscious. Why? Because it’s a common belief in the Cameroonian culture that if a man is working in the kitchen, he has a controlling wife!

I was feeling a little sensitive to this cultural difference because Mark was in fact, working in the kitchen!☺

With a nervous laugh, I shared with the guys what I learned about their culture, and how that was different from my culture, hoping that they would not think that I was controlling! 😉

I appreciated how they responded. They laughed and agreed that this is a common belief in the Cameroonian culture. But, they explained to me how they are Christian men, and that the Lord makes a difference in how they live their lives.


Gildas, pictured above on the right, shared the example in his own life of how his wife’s pregnancy has been very difficult, and how she has not felt well. So, he told me how he works in the kitchen, preparing most of their meals, to help her and show his love to her. Then he referenced a recent message he heard, from Ephesians 5. The pastor spoke to the men from God’s Word, about loving their wives.

This has not been the only time that these men have given testimony of the impact that Christ, not their culture, has had in their lives.

Christ has led us to live a different way.


Being transformed in Christ together, Cathy Lynn


  1. This is awesome. Gal 3.28!

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