Posted by: macahajo | February 7, 2016

Face Paintings, Paper Airplanes, and the Good News

In celebration of the upcoming National Youth Holiday in Cameroon, we planned a special event with the leaders of Hope Social Action, for the orphaned children at Mama Regine’s home.

We went yesterday with several students who were on the Drama Evangelism Team at the RainForest International School, including our daughter, Hannah. We were so thankful to have their help, and we were glad to give them this opportunity to minister to the vulnerable in Yaounde. They all did an amazing job, and even though it was a long day, they were thankful to be a part of it!


The children at Mama Regine’s home heard the Gospel creatively through the dramas performed. They also played games, colored, made paper airplanes, and got their faces painted with hearts, animals, and other designs.


Martial, who is pictured below in the creme colored shirt towards the right, is one of the leaders of Hope Social Action. Martial goes regularly to Mama Regine’s home. He is investing in the lives of these orphaned children; mentoring them, studying the Bible with them, and helping care for some of their basic needs. He will go next weekend, following up with them about things they heard and learned yesterday.


The more we learn about orphan care, the more we realize that the surface things are easy to care for; helping the children with their education or with medical needs for instance.

But, there are wounds that go deep into their hearts and souls. There are feelings of abandonment and loneliness that need to be overcome. There are scars that need healing. May these children be transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Ministering among orphans is so much bigger than us and so much more than we can handle on our own. We need the Lord’s help and your prayers. 

Pray for Mama Regine and Martial. Pray for us as we come along side them, with a desire to care for these orphaned children and youth in the best way that we can, for the Lord’s glory.

Serving in Africa, Cathy Lynn


  1. This was a very special day. Thank you for including us and allowing us to see this very unique ministry. Dave and Debbie Wardle

    • Thank you for your message, Dave and Debbie! We were so blessed to have you with us at Mama Regine’s home. ❤

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