Posted by: macahajo | February 14, 2016

baptized in the waves

Dad, can I get baptized?

It’s a question that I waited to hear for a number of years. Cathy and I both felt convicted that if Hannah was to baptized, the decision had to be hers. We never wanted to pressure or force her to take such a huge step in her life. For me, I have always worried that Hannah and Josh would feel some obligation to be baptized as Pastor’s kids and now as Missionary Kids. We always wanted them to understand the weight of this decision, and to make it because of their love for Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross.

So when Hannah asked me that question this past December, I was thrilled. We had plans to go to Kribi, a beach town on the Atlantic, just after the new year. Kribi is one of our family’s favorite places in Cameroon, so we thought it would be a wonderful time and a memorable place to be baptized.

We woke up the first morning of our stay, and headed to the beach. Our really good friends were with us, and they joined us for this special time.

As we sat on the beach, Hannah shared her testimony. It was so good for Josh and our friend’s younger children to hear about the Lord’s work in her life, as they all really look up to her. We then discussed the significance and importance of baptism. Cathy and I never wanted our children to participate in baptism without the proper understanding of its meaning. So over the years, we have discussed it with our kids, and this was a good reminder.

Then we entered the ocean, and I got the privilege of baptizing her.


These are many great joys and privileges we have as parents; to see our child born, to see her walk for the first time, and to some day give her away at her wedding.

But nothing is better or more significant than the spiritual milestones we can have with our children. The opportunities to share the Gospel with them, to pray with them, and encourage them to follow the Lord. To see them put their faith in Christ, and to see them baptized. These are the moments of joy and beauty in our lives.

Enjoy the journey, Mark


  1. Amazing and to God be the glory and on your beautiful daughter all she needs (which by the way she already has in Christ) for the Christian walk. I had the privilege of Baptizing my own children and it is indeed a blessing to watch prayerfully as they come to the place where they obey the gospel and of their own ask to be baptized. To God be the glory and on you and your wife thanks for you faithful walk with Christ. Happy Valentines .

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    • Thanks Debbie. We are thankful for how the Lord made Hannah, and her heart for Jesus.

    • Thanks for your encouraging word, Pastor Eric. We were just thinking about you & your family today. We are praying for you as you continue to follow and serve the Lord in Illinois!

  2. Love this post, and the fact that Hannah continues to choose to follow Jesus!

    • Thanks Debbie. We are thankful for how the Lord made Hannah, and her heart for Jesus.

  3. Very, very special! Hanna is a wonderful girl and it is great to see her grow in her commitment to the Lord.

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