Posted by: macahajo | March 3, 2016


As I write this, I’m listening to the gentle falling rain tapping on our metal roof. It’s a beautiful sound to hear since we had over 100 days without any measurable precipitation! The rains bring with them a coolness that we welcome, as the temperatures in the afternoons have hovered in the 90’s for the last few months.

I grew up and lived in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois for many years. I loved taking walks along the river in my home-town and shopping for flowers to plant in the spring, as the days grew longer and the temperatures started to warm up after a cold, dreary winter. I enjoyed picnics and riding bikes to the pool with Hannah and Josh in the summer as the hot sun shined down. In autumn, we enjoyed camp fires and smores,  jumping into leaf piles, and apple-picking! And after a good snow fall during the winter, our kids loved sledding and playing out in the snow, while I warmed hot-chocolate on the stove for us to drink afterwards, as my mom did for my sister and I growing up! I have special memories of the beautiful seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.

In Cameroon, there are two seasons: rainy season and dry season.

Dry season is from about mid November until mid March. I could easily dust my furniture daily, as a fine layer of dust is seen on my coffee table almost every morning. People often have coughs that last a long time, exasperated by the climate.

When we visited Yaounde, Cameroon in January of 2011, in the middle of the dry season, people apologized for how brown things were. We thought that it was quite green, compared to Niger where we lived in 2002, a country that is 80% desert.

But, now that we’ve lived here for almost two years, we understand what they were saying. During the rainy season, the flowers, trees and plants are so vibrant and green, compared to the dusty brown covered vegetation during the dry season.

Sometimes, there are a couple good rains in December, but it didn’t rain this past December, so this is probably all the more reason why we have anticipated the first good rainfall again!

Rainy seasons lasts from about mid March until October, though in July, the weather tends to be a little cooler and it rains less. During rainy season, the rains often come quickly and fiercely with strong thunder and lightening storms.

So, we will begin to say good-bye to the dust, and hello to the mud that accompanies the rains! 🙂


               Hannah and her friend at school, enjoying the refreshing rain!

Living on the edge of the rainforest, Cathy Lynn

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