Posted by: macahajo | April 7, 2016

no starbucks or mcdonalds

While the kids were on spring break, we drove to the northwest region of Cameroon. We know many Cameroonians who are from this region, so we looked forward to visiting this part of the country! The northwest region is one of two Anglophone regions in the country (with 10 regions total in Cameroon).


We first drove to Mbingo, a nine-hour drive. There were no parks or designated scenic turn-offs to have a picnic lunch at. There were no Starbucks or McDonalds along the way. 😉 But we did stop a few times at Total Gas Stations found in the larger towns. They sell snacks, drinks, and other goods. Some of them have freezers where we can buy ice-cream bars, which was a fun treat! And they have satisfactory bathrooms, which is always good to know! 😉

The drive was quite stressful. The road from Bafoussam to Bamenda is particularly difficult. While the road is paved, there are so many potholes to dodge, and many vehicles drive into the opposing lane to avoid the potholes, making us remain on high alert much of the time.

We stayed at the Valley View rest house, which is right above the Mbingo Bapist Hospital. People from all over recognize this hospital as the best in the country. We know many missionaries who go to Mbingo for medical care.


In fact, while we were there, a boy that Hannah goes to school with flew up to the hospital with his mom because he needed medical attention for a life-threatening case of malaria. We watched their plane land on the grassy airstrip, below the rest house. Can you see the little white airplane in the photo below?


While we were in Mbingo, we took a three-hour horseback ride, costing $10 per person! It was a beautiful ride to a waterfall. We also played games, read, and watched movies.


After our time in Mbingo, we drove an hour to Bamenda. We spent time with a missionary family who ministers among the orphaned and vulnerable. Our Cameroonian ministry partners have dreams of a similar ministry developed in Yaounde to the orphaned and vulnerable, so it was so good for us to be there to learn more! More on that tomorrow! 


In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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