Posted by: macahajo | April 8, 2016


We thank the Lord for our time last week in Bamenda with Jake and Holly, and their children! They established The Helping Hands Children’s Home in the northwest region of Cameroon; a home for orphaned and vulnerable children who have no other options. Jake and Holly developed the home in such a way as to create a family environment for the children.  Currently, there are two duplexes on the property, and they plan to construct two additional duplexes so that more children can be cared for and shown the love of Jesus. Each duplex has a boys room and a girls room, with space for up to 10 children in each. There is a Cameroonian Christian aunty, uncle, ma and pa who live in the home to care for the children. These children can’t be adopted; The Helping Hands Children’s Home is their home.

Jake and Holly also started car washes and a meat market to help generate funds for the ministry. And they began a child sponsorship program; a person can sponsor a child, giving monthly, to help meet the needs of the child.


        Construction and view at the Helping Hands Children’s Home

Our Cameroonian ministry partner Hugue, who is the director and founder of Hope Social Action, an organization that ministers to orphans and widowsjoined us for this research trip to Bamenda. Similar to what Jake and Holly have developed, Hugue wants to create a home for orphaned and vulnerable children in Yaounde, the capital in the central region of Cameroon. In addition to the home, Hugue wants to develop a farm and start a school on the piece of land that he was given last year.

We thank the Lord for this great time! We went home with much to discuss and pray about!

Pray that the Lord would guide and protect Hope Social Action and our family in these early days of ministry together, to the orphaned and widowed in Yaounde.

Pray that the Lord would send more workers into the harvest, specifically a good team of Cameroonian believers who will faithfully serve together in this ministry. Hugue commented that this is a challenge in the Francophone area – to find people who will serve because they love Jesus and love the vulnerable children.

Also pray that the Lord would lead us in how we can best serve our Cameroonian ministry parters.

In Christ, Cathy Lynn



  1. So glad this trip was helpful in thinking through this type of ministry – and that you also were able to spend time near Mbingo Hospital. So beautiful in that area!! We recognized your pictures 🙂

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks for your note, Debbie! ❤ Yes, Mbingo is so beautiful and peaceful! Miss you guys!

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