Posted by: macahajo | August 30, 2016

it’s been a long time!

We went to the States over the summer, but months before we traveled, we were making plans – Facebooking friends, planning family gatherings, contacting pastors, emailing supporters, setting doctor’s appointments and college visits, determining how long it would take to drive from Oswego, Illinois to everywhere else! So many details! So much to organize! I quite enjoyed all of the preparations!  🙂


As much as we could, we made the most of our days in the States. We celebrated Josh’s birthday, and we spent time with my parents, my sister and her family, and also our cousins. We shared with our home church about the ministry in Africa, had lunch with friends, and attended the wedding of a student from our old youth group. And that was all within the first 48 hours of landing in Chicago.

The rest of our time in the States was much like that first weekend… time with family and a few close friends, and time with supporters and most of our supporting churches….

a lot of time with people, and no time to blog!


It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with so many people we love so much. And it was a privilege to be able to communicate with our Stateside ministry partners (those who pray and give to support our family and the ministry in Africa) what the Lord is doing in Cameroon! 


          Some of our dearest friends praying for us before we said good-bye

We were blessed by the love shown to our family while we were in the States, and the hospitality, kindness, and prayers of so many.

Love in Christ, Cathy Lynn


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