Posted by: macahajo | September 10, 2016

plans change

As we got closer to our August 2nd departure date, we started to prayerfully consider whether or not Mark would travel with us as planned, or stay in the States a little longer to meet with some potential supporters. While we had the necessary funds in our ministry account for us to return to Cameroon, we still needed more monthly commitments.

Five days before we planned to leave, Mark and I still weren’t quite sure what to do. Should he stay? Should he go? This was quickly becoming a last minute decision; time was ticking! Yikes! I typically like to plan things well in advance. I normally like to know what’s going on, but in this situation, there were several unknowns.

Mark didn’t have a place to stay. (He wanted to be in the northern suburbs where many of our contacts are).

Or a car to drive. (We had just returned the van to our friends who had loaned us their van for the summer).

Mark didn’t have tons of meetings lined up. (He had a few potential meetings- but would that be worth staying behind?)

If Mark stayed, how long would he stay?

After praying and talking together, I told Mark that I needed him to make this decision for us! I still wasn’t sure, but I knew that I didn’t want to make the decision for Mark to come back with us just because we didn’t have everything arranged and well organized for him to stay longer, or just because we originally planned to all go back together. Sometimes, plans change!

And our plans did change! Mark sensed the Lord leading him to stay. So, I followed Mark’s decision, and together, we followed the Lord. I’m so thankful that the Lord blessed me with Mark- to make decisions with him, to lean on him, and to follow him!

After the decision was made, I called our friend, Patti, who always told us that we could stay with them. When she told us that Mark could stay at their home, she said, “Does he need a car too, because we have one he could use!” 🙂 Wow! God totally blessed our decision and cared for all of the details! We thank the Lord for how He directs our steps! 

He further blessed Mark’s time by arranging 14 meetings and gatherings; encouraging times with friends, family, supporters and potential supporters! Because of Mark’s extra time in the States, the Lord gave us new ministry partners; people who are praying and giving to the ministry for the first time!


Following Jesus together, Cathy Lynn


  1. What an encouraging story! Thanks for sharing! God always directs & provides!!

    • Thank you, sweet friend ❤

  2. So thankful for your obedience!
    Love you!

    • Thank you, Vicki! Love you too! ❤

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