Posted by: macahajo | September 22, 2016

tell me about yaounde

Our Yaounde City Team recently spent time together, along with other ReachGlobal staff, to seek the Lord and listen to His voice. We met to record the Lord’s direction, and develop plans to obey His leading and accomplish His great mission.


We discussed the context of where we live, as well as the opportunities and resources available to us. Our team leader, Ryan Gerbrandt, summarized our context well:

“Yaounde is a rapidly developing city of an estimated 3 million hard-working and resourceful people.


Because of its focus on peace, stability, education, and political influence, Yaounde is a strategic urban center of influence in west-central Africa.


Widespread commitment to peaceful co-existence enables dialogue and developing relationships among the different religious groups.


However, the pervasive problems of egocentrism, prosperity gospel, and lack of vision in the national church often quell the call to release resources and workers to reach out to the lost and the most vulnerable.


BUT GOD is moving and key leaders are emerging who are committed to sacrificial living and to spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Please pray for our team, and pray for this city, “For greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this City.” – Chis Tomlin

Serving in Yaounde, Cathy Lynn



  1. Cathy Lynn; Wonderful blog. Thanks. I continue to be amazed at how God works even when we think all is lost. And what beautiful people. You see their beauty in their eyes, their smiles, even the young lad who looks lost in the first picture – handsome. Thanks. for sharing. lhv.


    • Thanks for your comment, Lynn. I love capturing the beauty in people’s faces. The first photo of the young man came from a group photo we took last year at the home for boys who lived on the street. It was only recently when I was looking at the photo, that I really saw him in particular- and yes, I agree, he looks lost, alone, and sad. But there is hope.

  2. Love this blog.



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    • Thanks, Sheryl! Ryan did such a great job summarizing our discussion of the context we find ourselves living and serving in!

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