Posted by: macahajo | September 25, 2016

what can we do?

We are a small team of three couples (along with our children). What can we do? But, reading in Mark 6 what Jesus did with five loaves of bread and two fish, our team leader said, “Don’t think we can only do a little because we are a small team… It’s not about our weaknesses or our strengths. It’s about GOD!”

Why are we here? What is our team’s mission?

God has established a ReachGlobal city team in Yaounde for the purpose of: developing, empowering, and releasing Cameroonian Christians to mobilize disciplemaking movements, leading to the rapid spread of the gospel, transformed lives, improved communities and transformational churches. 


As a team, we are committed to: Honoring God as the active head of our team. Living grace-filled, transformed lives in Christ. Empowering one another within a safe, healthy team. And Multiplying disciples through Spirit-lead Mission.

Will you please pray for our team, and for this city? 

Cathy Lynn






  1. We do pray for you!

    • We’re so thankful for you and your prayers!

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