Posted by: macahajo | October 8, 2016

mk life in yaounde, part 1

One of the reasons why ReachGlobal suggested Yaounde as a possible place of ministry for our family was largely in part due to the presence of the RainForest International School.

We are really thankful for this school that Hannah has attended for the last two years, and that Josh has just started going to this year. Not only are they receiving an excellent education from a Christian world-view, but the school also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Students can join the Running Club and then climb Mt. Cameroon (the tallest mountain in West Africa). They can play volleyball, basket-ball, and the most popular sport – football, otherwise known as soccer among Westerners.


Josh (pictured above) played on the B-Team this year as a 7th grader. He enjoyed being a part of the team and learned so much. Josh and his team played several local clubs in Yaounde (pictured below).

slide1RainForest International School also offers the opportunity for students to join the Worship Team, which Hannah is a part of. The students prepare and lead worship during the school chapel services and daily morning assemblies. Hannah is also is a part of the Drama Evangelism Team, sharing the Gospel through skits (pictured below).


During the recent RFIS soccer tournament, there were 8 soccer teams represented including RFIS. When the games were finished, before the awards were given out, Hannah and the Drama Evangelism Team performed several skits.


The Drama Evangelism Team shared the Gospel in such a powerful way, among so many youth- some who perhaps never heard the Good News. What an amazing opportunity!

Living with my family in Yaounde, Cathy Lynn




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