Posted by: macahajo | October 16, 2016

those people are hot!

Last year, we noticed that there was a little water trickling out of our yard, onto the road in front of our house. We contacted the water company because it was a broken pipe that only they could fix. The break was down several feet, and they needed to turn the water off in the neighborhood to fix the problem.

But they never came.

Then all of a sudden, a couple weeks ago, water began flowing out of that broken pipe. We called the Cameroonian water company again, and they said they would come repair it in a few weeks.

So in the mean-time, water was gushing out of that pipe and onto our road, making it difficult for the many people who walk in front of our home.


One morning as I was getting in my car, a woman yelled at me for not fixing the pipe! I don’t think she realized that there was nothing I could do to fix the water link. However, we live in Yaounde, which is in the Central Region of Cameroon, (one of ten regions- see photo below) and the people from the Central Region are described by other Cameroonians as being in your face, rough and quick tempered.

Just as Americans think about different parts of the Unites States being known for certain things like southern hospitality, the midwest hard-work ethic, and the laid-back Californian, Cameroonians also have descriptions of the people from their different regions. The West region is known for it’s business men and the Northwest is known for being warm and friendly. When we visited another region of Cameroon last spring, I told a store keeper that we were living in the Central region, and he said, “Those people are hot!” – and he wasn’t talking about the temperature! He was talking about their quick tempers. (The different regions that make up Cameroon are pictured below).


Well, when one of our Cameroonian friends came by, after the water had been pouring out for a few days, he told us that our other Cameroonian friend’s mom works for the water company. So, the very next morning, he and Mark visited his mom. Often in Cameroon, it’s who you know.

That afternoon, our doorbell rang. Eight men from the Cameroonian water company, including a man in a suit, which shows that he’s a “big deal” here, were standing at our door!slide1When I saw the man in the suit, I knew then that the problem would be resolved! And sure enough, it was… but not before another lady started yelling at the guys working on the problem– probably because they had taken so long to come fix it! She also, was hot tempered.

Sometimes, it’s hard and stressful living in this city. But we need to remember that underneath the hot-tempered and hard exteriors of many people are hearts in need of a Savior; The One who will change hearts from the inside out, as we pray He is doing in each of us.

Cathy Lynn


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