Posted by: macahajo | November 1, 2016

fighting battles

When I think about spiritual warfare, I often have pictures in my mind of scary demonic forces fighting the angelic forces of heaven and beings of immense power that I can’t fathom. I picture swords clashing, and I imagine heart-chilling screams.

But in my day-to-day life, I don’t always recognize how spiritual warfare happens all around me. I was reminded during a recent conversation, that there are battles being fought that we don’t always see.

*Philip is a young Cameroonian man who would seem to have it all. He has plenty of money and food, a loving mother, and a good group of friends.

However, Phillip is fighting battles in his home. He has family who are encouraging and goading him into compromise and sin. They laugh at him when he stands for what is right and mock him for his values. They view Phillip as immature and lacking knowledge of this world due to his “prudish” ways.

The battle has taken a toll on him. He is tired of fighting this battle every time he walks into his house. He is weary of struggling in a place where he should have refuge.

But, he is resolved. He is determined and focused to stay faithful and obedient. He is striving to obey and follow the example of Christ.

I love my conversations with Phillip. I am thankful for opportunities from the Lord to tell him who he is in Christ, and how we are adopted into God’s family. We talk about the unconditional love of Jesus, and how we never walk alone but always have the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Please join with me in praying for Phillip, to stand faithful in the face of temptation and persecution.

Fighting the battle together, Mark




*name changed for privacy

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