Posted by: macahajo | November 7, 2016

Did you do your homework?

Martial loves the children at Mama Regine’s Orphanage, and they love him. The first time we went with Martial, he got out of the car, the children ran to him, and they gave him lots of hugs! They were so happy to see him!

Martial is one of the leaders of Hope Social Action; the Cameroonian Christian ministry we partner with, that serves among the most vulnerable in Cameroon. Hope Social Action exists to give hope to the vulnerable… for today and for eternity. Hope wants to see orphans and widows come to know Christ and grow in Him. They also want to help meet physical needs that they have, including medical and educational.

Martial has gone to Mama Regine’s for several years. He spends time with the kids, studies the Bible with them, and prays with them. (Martial is pictured below in the black shirt, with Mama Regine next to him.)


Last year, we discovered that the children need help learning English. We thought we might be able to help with that! 😉

But, not just us.

At Hannah and Josh’s school, there are many Cameroonian students. We wanted to get them involved. The Cameroonian students know their own people better than we do. Though many of them will study abroad, most of them will probably live in Cameroon when they are older. They are the future leaders of this country.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if God gave them hearts for the vulnerable? 


So, Mark invited several Cameroonian Christian students to join us in going to Mama Regine’s. Once the team was formed, Mark trained them in teaching English and in sharing their testimonies.

We went to Mama Regine’s last Saturday for the first time. One of the high school students shared his testimony in English, and then another student asked questions to find out what the children understood. With help from the students, the children practiced greetings and introductions in English. Mark led the children in the song, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. Then the students played games and colored with the children.


I asked Mama Regine how we could pray for her and the children. She said that some of the children have school fees that are due for them to continue their education, and she is struggling to come up with the money. Mama Regine also said that none of the children have school books. What? We are almost half way into the school year!

Imagine with me… 

You need to buy your children’s school books, but you can’t… because you can’t afford it.

Think about how far behind they would be, or how confused they would be if they don’t have school books. They wouldn’t be able to study. They wouldn’t be able to do their homework after school. While some children may shout with joy about not having to do their homework, the harsh reality would set in pretty quickly that they are falling further and further behind while they watch their class-mates excel, because they can’t afford to buy the school books they need to study.

This is currently what it’s like for the orphaned children who Mama Regine takes care of.

We, along with Hope Social Action, want to help the orphaned children at Mama Regine’s home, but we need your help.

If you would like to help meet the immediate needs that the orphans have for school fees and school books, please contact me for more information about how you can contribute.

Serving together in Christ, Cathy Lynn


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