Posted by: macahajo | January 11, 2017

hello again!

It’s been a few weeks! Like many of you, our December was very busy so our regular blogging paused for the season.

In December, we went to Mama Regine’s home for orphaned children with the RFIS volunteer team. We had several meals and meetings with the leaders of Hope Social Action to pray and plan for 2017.

Mark organized a special youth event, The Amazing Race, for the students at the RainForest International School. RFIS hosted the girls soccer tournament including the drama evangelism team performing skits that shared the Gospel with visiting teams, pictured below. Hannah played in the tournament and performed in the dramas.


We welcomed and spent time with a visiting Congolese pastor and his family who serve with ReachGlobal. We also enjoyed Christmas festivities including the RFIS Choir concert and play, and several Christmas and New Years parties. Pictured below: Our Yaounde City team, along with our Congolese colleagues, during our team’s Christmas party.


After the new year, our family traveled four hours to Kribi, a village along the Atlantic Ocean. We loved walking to the Lobe waterfalls that go into the ocean (and jumping off them!), and playing in the water. We enjoyed quiet time and reading by the ocean.


There were 13 other missionary families who also went to Kribi at this time! We watched one of Hannah and Josh’s friends get baptized in the ocean, and were blessed by sweet times with friends. We thank the Lord for this beautiful get-away (that cost much less than a trip to the Wisconsin Dells for all of you midwesterners!), and the refreshment He gave our family, as we enter the new year!


Blessings, Cathy Lynn

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