Posted by: macahajo | February 10, 2017


Friday night was coming, and we thought it would be fun to go out! So, we asked some friends to join us at a new café in town, Ci Gusta, where they sell delicious gelato!


One family couldn’t make it that Friday night, so we started to plan for Sunday afternoon instead. We stayed in that Friday night, and had our traditional Family Night, including pizza, a movie & games! We realized that this plan worked out a lot better!

A couple nights ago, both of our kids were on overnights for their school retreats. So, Mark and I (briefly) talked about going out, but then opted to stay in and watch a movie.

We both agreed that after the busy, stressful week we had, if we were living in Pingree Grove or Port Washington or Oswego, we would have gone out. But, we live in Yaounde, and we really don’t like driving here at night!

There are a lot of Cameroonians walking around outside at night, and it’s really hard to see them. Some walk really close to the road and others cross in front of cars without hardly looking, so it can be dangerous. During the dry season, it gets hazy from the dust in the air, making it even harder to see. Also, on a Friday night, the traffic is terrible. It probably would have taken us 45 minutes to drive to Ci Gusta that Friday night, compared to just 20 minutes that Sunday afternoon.

It doesn’t mean that we never go out at night. We do – there are special gatherings at the kids’ school or dinners and game nights at friends’ homes. We just prefer not to drive too far, if we can help it!

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  1. Cathy Lynn; Two things caught my eye.

    1 )Reference to Port Washington — my wife Mary Lynn has an Aunt and several cousins that live in ‘Port’. Interesting.

    2) TGIF – I know that the conventional translation is ‘thank goodness it’s Friday’. For several years, I have suggested to myself that it stands for ‘today God is first’. One can argue that all days should be ‘today God is first’ and that is certainly true. But most people upon seeing TGIF instantly think of that acronym as Friday.

    In the meantime, I hope all is well with you and Mark. We continue to pray for you and the work both of you are doing, particularly your new position with GlobalFingerprints.




    • Hi Lynn! Thank you for your note! So good to hear from you!
      Wow! That’s so neat! Small world! We lived in Port Washington for several years, and continue to go back periodically to visit close friends. We love that cute, small town – right on the lake! Did you ever get to ‘The largest outdoor fish-fry’!?.. they had a 2 hour parade ( I think they have shortened the parade lately) and tons of vendors selling fish.
      Thank you for your continued prayers.
      In Christ,

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