Posted by: macahajo | February 25, 2017

waiting on peace island

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with some of the most vulnerable children. Currently, there are 124 children in Liberia sponsored through GlobalFingerprints, the child sponsorship ministry of the EFCA.


Peggy is the GlobalFingerprints Country Coordinator for Liberia. She shared this story with me of a family in Liberia impacted by the recent Ebola Crisis…

Peace Island. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Like a tropical paradise.

But the reality is far different. After the civil war, the Liberian government gave houses there to the ex-soldiers; hence the name Peace Island. But today this area is far from peaceful. It is a hill in Monrovia (the capital of Liberia) surrounded by fetid swamp and filled with poverty, despair and crime. Even the Liberian staff members do not venture into this community after dark.


GlobalFingerprints has signed up several children from Peace Island for the program. The family pictured below has several children in the program.


The father died of Ebola and the mother has no job to support the children. Unemployment is so high in Liberia that many women like this mom sell water and food on the streets to try to survive. This family has an advantage most Liberians don’t have because they own their own home. However this blessing also keeps them trapped in this downtrodden community.

Anitta (pictured below) has a sponsor. She and her two brothers have been experiencing mental and spiritual stress that they believe is demonic.


Success (pictured below) is also sponsored and doing well.


We are trying to get their brother Shedrick (pictured below) into the program, but he has been having the most problems. He is suddenly showing erratic, out-of-control behavior and hasn’t been able to attend school.  He sometimes has visions that something is chasing him.”


There are 65 children like Shedrick, waiting to be sponsored in Liberia. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring Shedrick or another child? Go here to learn more:

When you sponsor a child through GlobalFingerprints, you are helping give hope to a child for today, and for eternity. The mission of GlobalFingerprints is to transform the most vulnerable children in the world with the fingerprint of Christ. This is accomplished by meeting the spiritual, educational, medical, nutritional, and other needs of children through partnership with the local church.

Please pray for Shedrick and his family, pray for the GlobalFingerprints staff in Liberia as they strive to bring light, hope, and peace into the darkness of Peace Island, and pray that all of the children waiting to be sponsored in Liberia would be sponsored in the next few months.

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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