Posted by: macahajo | March 6, 2017

a special day

National Youth Day is a special holiday here in Cameroon. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage the nation’s youth to strive for excellence in education and lifestyle while discouraging violence and other detrimental behaviors. On this day, parades are held as well as sports tournaments and other activities.

We, along with Hope Social Action, the Cameroonian Christian organization that we partner with, try to make this a special day for the orphans in Yaounde who we minister to.  This year, we organized two events.

The first event was at Mama Regine’s home for orphaned children.  Cathy and Martial (who is one of the Hope Social Action leaders who regularly ministers at Mama Regine’s home) led songs and games for the children. Then, the Drama Evangelism team from Rain Forest International School (RFIS) shared the Gospel through mime.


That same afternoon, Mark and Hugue (who is the leader of Hope Social Action who regularly ministers at Mama Pauline’s home) brought the boys who live with Mama Pauline to RFIS to play soccer with some of the RFIS students (pictured below) and share a meal together.


After the meal, the Drama Evangelism team performed the mimes. Pictured below: Hannah and part of the team performing one of the skits, and one of the leaders explaining the mimes and sharing Bible Truths with the boys.


These events are fun and can demonstrate God’s merciful love to the children and leaders of these orphanages. Through the dramas, the Gospel was shared and believers were encouraged to live their lives for Christ.

However, without the regular commitments from Cameroonian Christians to go and lead Bible studies, these events would have a much smaller impact.  We praise God for the faithfulness of our ministry partners who go and share the Gospel, and care for the vulnerable children and youth.



  1. This brings back memories of visiting the home with you and the team from RFIS last year. It was a fun and meaningful day!!!

    • Yes, Debbie! When I was there for this year’s Youth Day, I also remembered that you were with us last year for the event at Mama Regine’s!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see the teens sharing in the work of Hope Social Action

    • Yes, Lois! I wish you guys could have been there! The teens did such an amazing job! We’re so glad to give them this opportunity to learn, serve, and minister among the vulnerable.

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