Posted by: macahajo | March 10, 2017

through the jungle

According to the United Nations, Liberia has the highest percentage of children not receiving a primary school education. But GlobalFingerprints is stepping in where others are not, and giving children the education they so desperately want and need.

Peggy, the GlobalFingerprints Country Coordinator for Liberia, shared about Peace Community, one of her favorite places in Liberia, about 40 minutes outside of the capital, Monrovia. Children’s lives are being transformed in this place by the ministry of GlobalFingerprints, the EFCA child sponsorship program.

Peggy wrote, “You wind through the jungle past a few rural homes, a cassava field, and small cemetery to Peace Community, surrounded by thick jungle.

During the devastating Ebola outbreak of 2014, this small village was hard hit. The local pastor, his wife, and two of their children died from Ebola, along with others in the community.

But, today Pastor Jefferson has stepped up as the new pastor. This young, enthusiastic pastor is pouring his energy into the church and school.

This small school has children who travel many miles to attend, including many children orphaned by Ebola. Thanks to generous sponsors, two of the pastor’s surviving children, Grace and Isaac, are sponsored (pictured below).

Another family experiencing tragedy left three children orphaned. (Pictured below) They lost their mother to Ebola and had to be in quarantine for a while. Then their father died in 2016.

Their grandfather has taken them in, but cannot afford to pay tuition for their school. The school has graciously been allowing them to attend without paying tuition, but cannot really afford to do that.

Peter is sponsored, but both his sisters Hawa and Alice are waiting for sponsors. Pray for these children who have been through so much in their young lives.

There are many orphaned children in Liberia waiting to be sponsored. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring Hawa or Alice, or other children in Liberia? You can make a huge difference in their lives, for today and for eternity. Go here to learn more:

In Christ, Cathy Lynn


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