Posted by: macahajo | March 14, 2017

truly the most vulnerable

Children who are developmentally disabled or mentally challenged are among the most vulnerable in Africa. They are often unloved and unwanted, or treated as below normal. They are often laughed at and rejected, even by parents. Most don’t get to go to school. They are not seen as worth anything.

These children need more attention, extra love, better nutrition, more medical care, and special tutoring for school. They need someone who will tell them that they are loved, that they are valued by Christ, and that He died for them.

Rachel, the GlobalFingerprints Congo Country Coordinator told me about one child, heavy on her heart. His name is Nambala. He is 14 years old, and he is mentally impaired. He is ridiculed and even beaten sometimes when he walks through the marketplace.

Like many children with special needs, Nambala’s family doesn’t take care of him. Other people have stolen everything that he was given. He is too different to go to school, even though he is smart in many ways. But in Congo, there is no one to give him special attention in school.

Before Nambala was sponsored, he was dirty and had no shoes; his feet were infected because they were full of jiggers. Rachel said, “When we took his picture to enroll him in GlobalFingerprints, people said, ‘WHY HIM? He’s nothing!'”

When Nambala got sponsored, they did medical tests and even minor surgery to get all the jiggers out. They cleaned him up, and gave him clothes and shoes. They showed him love.

Nambala’s life is forever changed because someone decided to sponsor him. He has been given hope.

Rachel remembers, “Nambala found me in church the first Sunday after I had met him and sat between me and my husband, Gilbert. People even in church were laughing at him. But when we came to the confession prayer time, the Pastor prayed a long prayer. As he said “Amen”, Nambala started singing in a sweet child voice, “Nkolo Yesus limbisaka ngai…” Lord Jesus, forgive me for the wrong that I have done…”

At first people didn’t know what to do, but then it got so quiet as he continued…and one by one, the whole church joined in this confessional song. It was a beautiful moment.

There are many children in Congo waiting to be sponsored. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child? You can make a huge difference in their lives, for today and for eternity. Go here to learn more:

Go here to make a special contribution to GlobalFingerprints children with special needs:

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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