Posted by: macahajo | May 24, 2017

the adventure begins

I’ve wanted to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo ever since I started to learn about GlobalFingerprints (the child sponsorship ministry of the EFCA), and from the time we started sponsoring a child.

GlobalFingerprints started in Congo just over 10 years ago in response to the overwhelming needs of orphans in the Congolese church after the war. A child can be sponsored for $35 each month. These funds help provide the child with an education that they might not otherwise have, and help with medical care and nutrition. There are also opportunities for children to hear the Gospel and be discipled. GlobalFingerprints has launched in eight other countries around the world. In addition to Congo, GlobalFingerprints is also in Liberia and Zambia on the continent of Africa.

Since I joined the GlobalFingerprints ministry in the new year, it was important for me to take a trip to where it all began.

But, honestly? I’m a home-body! I love being home! I love being with my family, and it made me sad when I thought about leaving home for 10 days!

While at the same time I was preparing for Congo, Mark was getting ready to travel to Jordan for meetings. He was researching local eateries and places to explore! Mark is like his mom, who loved traveling – trying different foods, meeting new people, and visiting places she had only read about.

This encouraged me. I didn’t want to dwell on leaving my family, home, and personal comforts. Instead, I wanted to look forward to what adventures awaited me! Not only did I hope to learn all I could about the Congo GlobalFingerprints ministry, and meet Congolese leaders and some of the sponsored children, but who knew- maybe I would even eat some grass-hoppers 😉

Following Him to Congo, Cathy Lynn

Our home – Yaounde, Cameroon, is where the heart is. The arrows show the two cities where I traveled to in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa, the capital, and Gemena – a city of 200,000). Cameroon and Congo look relatively close to each other, but I traveled all day to get there- through Togo and Nigeria.


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