Posted by: macahajo | May 25, 2017


While in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we visited children who are in the GlobalFingerprints system, but still waiting to be sponsored. First, we met Daniel (pictured below) who is 9 years old. He wants to be a pilot!

His grand-parents are taking care of him because his mom died. They take care of many children, including Daniel’s two brothers, so they are very strained to provide. Sometimes the children don’t go to school because the funds just aren’t available. That’s why often, when a child enters the sponsorship program, they are quite far behind in school.

Daniel’s grandma, with her grand-children and some neighborhood kids

Daniel’s supervisor told me that he has just been waiting for one year. Some have been waiting five years! This would be so hard! I can imagine the hope that the child and his family would have when he registers with the program. Sometimes, only to wait and wait.

One of my team-mates on the trip, Carol, with Daniel

One of my team-mates on the trip, Carol, with Daniel

Pray with me that Daniel and other children who have been waiting for a long time, would be sponsored.

If YOU are interested in sponsoring Daniel or another GlobalFingerprints child who has been waiting to be sponsored, go here:

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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