Posted by: macahajo | June 12, 2017

April Showers Bring May Flowers

A special post from our daughter, Hannah –

“During the last youth group of the year, earlier this past spring, the reality that the season of goodbyes was starting slapped me right across the face. I cried hard as I, and others, had the opportunity to walk around the auditorium, praying for each senior and individual who would be leaving RFIS. (Pictured below, another special time of prayer for dear friends who are leaving Cameroon).

My friend jokingly commented to me later, in an attempt to brighten my mood, that “April showers bring May flowers,” with April showers referring to all the tears being shed that night.

About a month later, the RFIS community gathered together in a more formal setting to continue the process of saying goodbye- that formal setting was Banquet. My class (pictured below), the Class of 2018, planned the event, with an enormous amount of help from the incredible Alvine Melone. The evening progressed wonderfully, with lots of photos snapped, plantains eaten, and dances shared.

One of the most memorable moments of the evening was the time of sharing- both from the seniors themselves and the underclassman. It was a beautiful time to hear personal testimonies and words of gratitude from each individual about their years at RFIS. It was wonderful to see what an incredibly unique, God-given community we have had the blessing to be apart of – one that is so rich with cultural diversity and experience.

Often when May and June roll around on our calendars, we can tend to look at them with dread and misery. Here we go again. This is the time when we hear about RAFT (read more here: and Transition. This is the time when heart-wrenching and tearful goodbyes are said. This is the time I wish would never come.

Hannah pictured above, a little teary-eyed, preparing special notes and gifts for friends who are leaving.

But, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”

In retrospect, I see how this simple cliché captures this distinct period of the year. Though this time of transition brings tears and goodbyes in “showers,” it also brings blessings and beauty that pops up all around us like “flowers.”

Banquet was a great way to represent that phrase- to reflect and shed a few tears, but also to celebrate the seniors and the people God has given to us, and to commemorate their legacy. Banquet helps remind us that this is not a time that is completely composed of sadness and emotional-fatigue (though these feelings are definitely present, and are certainly not wrong or out of place in and of themselves), but also of beauty and joy.”

By Hannah Lynn

*Hannah wrote this article recently for her school newspaper, The Golden Chat.


  1. Well written, Hannah! A good reminder that life is in constant change across the years, bringing so many emotions as we adjust to whatever comes our way, trusting in God to see us through. Soon it will be YOUR turn for good-byes as you leave for college and to pursue your career, making your mark on the world. You are well prepared! I love you, Aunt Carol

  2. Thank you so much, Aunt Carol, for always being an encouragement to me. I hope you are well. Love you, Hannah ❤

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