Posted by: macahajo | July 14, 2017

making melodies

We are so thankful for our Stateside ministry partners who pray and give so faithfully! Often, when we have conversations with our supporters, we think about how they might be able to serve in Cameroon on a short or long term basis, using their skills and gifts for the Lord. While we still have this passion to encourage American Christians in missions, we don’t want to take away from what Cameroonian Christians can do themselves. This is why it was so neat to see what God did recently…

When we learned that one of the young adults, who is part of a short-term missions team to Cameroon this summer, is a nursing student, we prayed and thought about ways that she could serve, using the experience, education, and gifts that the Lord gave her.

The Lord led us to organize a special day at Mama Regine’s Orphanage, in partnership with Hope Social Action, the Cameroonian Christian organization that ministers among the vulnerable in Yaounde – a day that included medical checks. (Martial, one of the Hope Social Action leaders goes weekly to Mama Regine’s and studies the Bible with the children and youth). But we needed help to do this – we are not medical professionals! But, the Lord provided!

We came together from different countries and diverse backgrounds, with unique gifts and a variety of talents.

1 doctor from Uganda, 1 medical student from Cameroon, 1 pharmacy student from Cameroon, and 1 nursing student from America.

3 Cameroonian Hope Social Action ministry leaders and 4 American missionaries.

3 missionary kids who live in Cameroon, and 3 high school graduates from Cameroon and America.

We came together to serve the Lord, and minister to Mama Regine and the orphaned children she cares for. 

We shared testimonies, a song, a Bible lesson, a craft, and games!


Leah, the nursing student (pictured below, on the left), gave a lesson on hygiene to the younger children, and she shared about Biblical purity with the older girls. Two of the students who graduated from RFIS shared with the older boys about Biblical purity as well.

The children had their height and weight taken. They had their blood pressure and heart-rate checked.

The doctor and medical student (pictured below) saw each of the children, giving them special attention. Then worm treatments and malaria treatments were administered as needed.

Well-child care visits are unheard of in Cameroon. Mama Regine thanked us again and again. She told us how it is too expensive to take all of her children to the doctor and pay for their treatments, so this medical ministry really blessed her heart.

Our team, along with the children at Mama Regine's home.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” ~ 1 Peter 4:10

In Christ, Cathy Lynn

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